CBD-Based Pain Support & Education

Hi! I’m Cindy McClusky with CBD Self Wellness. I started this company to provide information and education on how cannabidiols (CBD) can help you take control of your own health and well being. I have a passion for helping people and have found that CBD based products provide immense pain and anxiety relief naturally with absolutely no harmful side effects.

While most of the work we do is education, we also match clients to some of the best CBD-based products on the market today!

CBD Self Wellness is based out of Southern California (San Diego.)

Reviews from Our Clients

I started to use this rub on my upper back and also on my son’s legs and my husband’s knees. It works very well I would give this product 5 Stars because it really works and Cindy is awesome, helpful, loving and caring to her customers …


I have Ankylosing Spondylitis (a form of arthritis.) All night my knees and hips were hurting so that I could barely sleep and this morning, even after moving around, it was still almost unbearable. I board and train dogs so I knew I had to get out and exercise and train. I rubbed the black medicated rub on my knees and hips, waited ten minutes and gave it a go. I was able to hike with two dogs by my house – up and down rocky hills – with no pain! Even two hours later I’m still feeling great. Love this product! It’s also helped with my weather stimulated migraines. Thank you!


I’ve suffered with debilitating skin pain and inflammation since birth, and I can tell you without a doubt, Theramu works in ways nothing else ever has. I nearly forget about my condition now when I’m with friends or working. I worry less and play more.


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